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 Councilor of the Japan-Italy Association. Professor of Hosei University Dept. Architecture. Doctor of Engineering at The University of Tokyo. Honorary Doctor of the University of Rome. Awarded "Magister" (great cultural person) from Amalfi City. Medal of Merit of the Republic of Italy. Conducts urban research in Tokyo and the Mediterranean world including Italy and the Islamic region. Major publications include "Tokyo's Spatial Anthropology" (Suntory Arts Award) "Venice- Labyrinth Wanter City""To Southern Italy! - Mediterranean City and Cultural Trip", "Italian Spatial Anthropology", and many more.

Travelling Italian territorio through wines

     In Italy, from the mid-1980s, Italian sosciety entered the era of reassessing the beauty and the richness of rural areas. Originally in this country, cities and rural/rural areas have been closely linked to form a unique regional unity with a common identity. It is called "Territorio". It is a comprehensive concept that encompasses geographical areas such as land, water, and  sky, as well as political, economic, and social spheres.  The shining urban culture was born for the richness of hinterland  (surrounding rural areas).  The Italians have now realized the infinite possibilities of "My Teritorio" that have long been forgotten in industrialization and globalization of the market. A new light illuminates the imagination of <local cuisine> and <wine>, which are the greatest cultures created by the unique Territorio of each region. "Enogastronomia" (wine + food culture) is the term that best describes the spirit of Italy today. Enjoy the journey of Territorio starting with wine.




FUSAKO SAKURAI  / Sommelier/Director


Administrator of Associazione Italo-Giapponese. ACCVI (AIG: Associazione Italo-Giapponese Corso di Cultura sui Vini Italiani - Director) Sommelier

Started career in Internatinal Publication industry of books and magazines. Represented copyrights of "Bruno Munari1945" beautiful illustrated book series (Edizioni Corraini s.r.l.- Froebel-kan Co.,Ltd.) etc. Along with participated in the launch project of Michelin Guide Tokyo and Hong Kong from 2007-2011. 

Open eyes to Italian wine through famous wine shop in Bologna, Enoteca Italiana S.r.l. (Awards: Oscar del Vino, Migliore enoteca d'Italia 2002, Laurent Perrier Le Caviste du Monde 2005, Leccio d'oro 2020, Tre Cavatappi of Gambero Rosso 2020 etc.) Learned wine there and qualified Sommelier in Italy.  

Welcome to the AIG Italian Wine Culture Course (ACCVI)!

It’s no exaggeration to say that the diversity of modern Italian wines represents the origin of the country of Italy and the complexity of its accumulated history. Because of its rich historical and cultural backgrounds, Italian wines which are shining brightly with their individuality are born.

Knowing Italian wines also means knowing the record of the challenges of small family-owned winemakers who are lithe to survive the tide of globalization.

We hope that this course will shed some light on some of them and carefully read “terittorio” (territories), which will give us an opportunity to think about our lives, our way of life, and the future of agriculture and food in Japan.

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